History of The Singing Men of Ohio

The original Ohio University Men’s Glee Cub was founded in 1906 by two students – Frank Speck and F.D. Forsyth. The two men organized the Glee Club with oversight by Professor of Music, Thomas Hoover. The ensemble would perform Winter and Spring semester concerts each year and frequently collaborated with the Women’s Glee Club for campus performances.


First known photo of the Ohio University Men's Glee Club, 1908

The Glee Club grew in popularity over the years and quickly became a staple on the Ohio University campus. The ensemble was frequently invited to perform for radio stations and in competitions all over the state. The Glee Club would also travel the state and beyond for performance tours each year and even received First Honors at the Ohio Intercollegiate Glee Club Contest for many years.

Lasting through the first World War, the Great Depression, and even the second World War the Ohio University Men’s Glee Club seemed to withstand the test of time, politics, and war. There are only a handful of times that there is no record of the original Glee Club being active on Ohio University’s campus – 1917, 1918, 1944, and 1955. Although it is possible that the ensemble was inactive during those years, a lack of record keeping could also be at fault.

For over sixty years the original Ohio University Glee Club was an active organization at Ohio University. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts within the School of Music, the ensemble was dissolved in the early 1970s.

SMO Seal_19_Filled.png

In 1989, almost twenty years after the dissolution of the original Men’s Glee Club, Assistant Professor of Music, Dr. Ira T. Zook, was called upon to revamp the once great organization. Dr. Zook quickly lead the Glee Club to new heights of professionalism and musicality and created the foundation for the ensemble as we know it today. The ensemble created strong traditions and bonds, formed a Constitution and Executive Committee, and in 1995 renamed itself The Singing Men of Ohio.

In 1997, members of The Singing Men of Ohio, Erik Reaves and Jason Crabill, designed the original seal for the organization. The seal is symbolic of the organization - each piece representing an important theme for the ensemble and uniting members new and old. In 2000, Cory Todd and Jimmy Schrman created another symbol for 


The Singing Men of Ohio – The Super SMO. The Super SMO has been used far and wide as a logo for the organization and quickly became one of the most recognizable images for The Singing Men of Ohio. Both of these iconic symbols were modernized in 2019 by Corey Harper, a current SMO member, and continue to represent The Singing Men of Ohio over twenty years later.

Seal of The Singing Men of Ohio

The Super SMO

The Singing Men of Ohio have remained an active member of Ohio University’s community since it’s rebirth in 1989. Serving as both a performance ensemble within the School of Music as well as a student organization, The Singing Men of Ohio continue to honor what Dr. Zook created over thirty years ago – a brotherhood that fosters the advancement of tenor/bass choral singing and a spirit of fraternity among students at Ohio University.

Past Directors:

1906-1912: Thomas N. Hoover

1912-1913: James W. Buchanan

1913-1923: Alexander S. Thompson

1923-1937: C.C. Robinson

1937-1970: P.L. Peterson

1970-1989: Men’s Glee Club Inactive

1989-2000: Ira T. Zook

2000-2001: R.D. Mathey

2001-2005: Raymond S. Feener

2005-2007: Stephen Caracciolo

2007-2012: Peter Jarjisian

2012-2017: Daniel J. Hall

2017-Present: Bradley Naylor